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Botox eyebrow lift – how it works

The forehead is one of the most obvious parts of the face to show signs of ageing, and for those of us who have low arching eyebrows, it may feel even more prominent. One answer is to give temples a tweak with a Botox eyebrow lift.

Less invasive than a surgical eyebrow lift, but still designed to lift drooping eyebrows and smooth out wrinkles, a Botox eyebrow lift can be performed in minutes.

So, what’s involved, and how does it work?

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Fast facts

  • Best results

    One session

  • Duration of results

    Three to six months

  • Back to work


  • Full recovery time

    No recovery time needed

  • Price range

    42 AED per injection

  • Treatment duration

    30 minutes per session

  • Comfort

    Mild discomfort

  • Treatment type


What is a Botox eyebrow lift?

A Botox eyebrow lift is a procedure where Botox – botulinum toxin – is injected into, and around, the eyebrows to create a lift.Botox is a brand name and there are several others available, such as Dysport. The units of measurement differ among them.

The treatment simultaneously works on the frown lines that can appear between the brows – known as ‘elevens’ – and lifts the outer edge of the brow, making it a popular anti-ageing procedure. Botox eyebrow lifts can also be used to help give eyebrows a more defined arch.

How does a Botox eyebrow lift work?

The science behind it

Like other Botox treatments, a brow lift blocks signals from nerves to stop certain facial muscles contracting. In this case, a surgeon will usually target the corrugator supercilii and orbicular oculi muscles. These muscles draw the eyebrows together and down, creating frown lines.

When the muscles are relaxed, lines may appear reduced and, in turn, the eyebrow itself can look higher. Sometimes, a Botox eye lift is combined with other forms of Botox for an all-in-one forehead-smoothing effect. If this is the case, injections may also be given at the tips of the eyebrows.

Before a Botox brow lift

Before you consider getting a Botox eyebrow lift, you may need to:

  • Find a provider. Find a treatment near you with our clinic locator/listings.
  • Book a consultation. Share details of your medical history and discuss the look you want to achieve.Clinical examination is important to determine the amount of drug required. Also, your practitioner will run through the benefits of treatment and any potential side-effects.
  • Stop taking certain medications, including blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs, about seven to 10 days before your scheduled appointment.
  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, or tweezing your eyebrows. Avoid anti-ageing creams for a while too – especially those made with retinol, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid as these can make skin more sensitive.

During the treatment

Your practitioner will use a thin needle to inject small amounts of Botox into the target areas. Four to six units of Botox might be required for each eyebrow. In total the treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes.

After a Botox brow lift

Botox eyebrow lifts can result in some:

  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Bruising.
  • Eyebrow dropping.

These usually go away within a week. Although this treatment is quick, the results aren’t instant. This means aftercare is important, especially in the first days and weeks.

There are a few things you should avoid:

  • Strenuous exercise for the first 12 hours – you may be able to get the treatment in your lunch break but skip that 6pm exercise class.
  • Rubbing or massaging the treated area during the first week.
  • Sunlight or extreme temperatures for 14 days.

If you experience any unpleasant side-effects or numbness, speak to your doctor.

What else do I need to know about a Botox eyebrow lift?

Is a Botox eyebrow lift permanent?

Botox eyebrow lifts aren’t permanent. While you normally need just one session, the results of Botox only last for as long as the neurotoxin is present. When this breaks down, the lifting and smoothing effects wear off. You’ll usually need repeat injections every three to six months to keep it up.

How much does a Botox eyebrow lift cost?

Botox costs start from Dhs42 per injection. You’ll need multiple injections so you might expect to pay Dhs160 to 240.

Alternative treatments to a Botox eyebrow lift

The main alternative to a Botox eyebrow lift is a surgical eyebrow lift. Unlike Botox, surgery can achieve permanent effects in a single session – but it is a more invasive procedure that costs more.

Botox eyebrow lift vs surgical eyebrow lift

As a surgical procedure, an eyebrow lift will be more expensive and require more downtime than Botox, however it does offer a more permanent solution.

Did you know?

  • Though most people start to notice fine lines from the age of 25, collagen levels begin decreasing from the late teens – so eyebrow wrinkles can appear early.
  • Since the average ‘lifespan’ of an eyebrow is four months, you’ll likely shed and regrow all eyebrow hairs between Botox top-ups.


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