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selfologi and clinics

We’re selfologi, an award-winning digital platform where users can find everything they need to know about cosmetic treatments – from procedure to price, to finding the perfect clinic – all in one place.

We’ve created a trusted, educated community to help our users make the right decisions for themselves. So, when they’re ready to book a cosmetic treatment, they can – with knowledge and confidence.

And with all the information they need at their fingertips – including the ability to book their treatment online – we’re opening up the cosmetic treatments’ industry, expanding its reach and making it accessible to all.

Grow your business with selfologi

We are investing millions of dollars in marketing to drive customers to our platform and generate new demand. We have a team of highly trained editors, writers, digital designers, and in-house video and photography creating incredible, fully optimised content like no other in the market, meaning we’re set to become the definitive destination for cosmetic treatments.

We know exactly what concerns and treatments people are searching for – there are more than a million searches every month for cosmetic treatments in our region alone. Our content has been created to specifically answer those searches, to help people find exactly what they’re looking for, and to connect them with clinics and doctors in the region. That’s you!

List your clinic on selfologi

You can join the cosmetic treatment marketplace today, with zero cost. Commission is applicable only on confirmed bookings placed through selfologi.

Increase your visibility

It’s all about engagement. The more you engage with the platform, the better your ranking will be. And the better your ranking, the more customers will get to know you and your clinic. There are several ways you can increase your visibility, including the quality of your profile, the experience and qualification of your practitioners, the slots you make available on the selfologi calendar, your speed in responding to booking requests, and much more.

Our partnerships team will be happy to talk you through it, and they’re always available to support you so you can increase your ranking and grow your business through the platform.

Drive readers to your profile

Accuracy and trust mean everything to us at selfologi. That’s why our articles are medically reviewed by professionals like you. Not only do customers put faith in your expertise, but the more they learn from you, the more they book with you and your clinic. Get in touch with your partnerships’ specialist to find out more about medically reviewing a selfologi article today.

Set your own cancellation policy

We know that late cancellations and no shows are a problem for clinics. With selfologi, you can set a personalised cancellation and no-show policy – backed up by reminders to customers from selfologi – to further reduce the risk of no shows. Note that cancellation and no-show policies only apply when customers make payment through the selfologi website.

Manage your calendar

With our smart calendar you can set your availability per practitioner – so you’ll have a comprehensive view of your calendar – showing all your bookings and their status.

Personalise your patients' treatment plan

The platform gives you the flexibility to amend or even completely change the treatments originally requested by the patients, instantly and easily. Your patient will be charged post consultation and only once you agree the ideal treatment plan.

We verify your patients' reviews

After their appointment, patients have the choice to review their treatment, practitioner, and clinic. All reviews on selfologi are verified, so only patients who have had a genuine experience with the clinic or practitioner can share their experiences. These reviews will stay on the platform – so you can grow your reputation through selfologi.

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