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Image of a woman representing Microdermabrasion benefits and results

Microdermabrasion benefits and results

Microdermabrasion aims to enhance the appearance and texture of your skin by carefully removing the top layer. While there’s plenty to consider before booking a treatment, the great news is that common benefits of microdermabrasion include smoother, brighter skin and less prominent acne scars.

But is everyone guaranteed to get positive microdermabrasion results? What potential side-effects and limitations should be weighed against the benefits?

Fast facts

  • Best results

    Monthly sessions

  • Duration of results

    Repeat treatments needed

  • Back to work

    Almost immediately

  • Full recovery time

    No recovery time needed

  • Price range

    500 AED to 750 AED

  • Treatment duration

    Less than an hour

  • Comfort

    Swollen or red skin

  • Treatment type

    Minimally invasive

What are the benefits of microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion offers a straightforward way to treat a wide variety of conditions – from wrinkles to acne scars. The technique can be applied to areas such as the face, back, hands and chest. Common microdermabrasion benefits include…

Creating younger-looking skin

Microdermabrasion may sound complex and even intense at first, but treatments should be quick and largely painless. Small crystals are sprayed onto a target area using a handheld device. These crystals buff the skin and get rid of any dead cells before being vacuumed away. The result? Firmer, healthier, and more radiant skin.

Smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines

Microdermabrasion is a popular way of tackling fine wrinkles as people get older. It encourages the body to create healthy, new cells in place of the dead ones – effectively smoothing out the skin’s texture. The process can also thicken collagen proteins, which play an important role in keeping skin taut.

Reducing acne scars and stretch marks

One of the main microdermabrasion benefits is the effect it can have on acne scars and stretch marks. A microdermabrasion treatment can soften the appearance of these blemishes by speeding up the turnover of skin cells. It’s unlikely to remove deep scars but could make them less severe.

Improving skin tone

Long-term exposure to the sun and hormonal changes can cause hyperpigmentation, where darker patches or age spots appear on the skin surface, commonly on the hands or face, because of an excess of melanin. Microdermabrasion can soften the appearance of these blemishes, creating a smoother overall skin tone.

Tackling enlarged pores

Large pores and blackheads can leave your skin with a rough texture and greasy feel. Both the ageing process and exposure to the sun are common causes of large pores, along with an excess of sebum oil. Microdermabrasion can help to remove sebum from the skin and clear blocked pores, leading to a brighter and more even complexion.

Are there any limitations to microdermabrasion?

For all the benefits of microdermabrasion, there are limits to its powers. It’s important to remember that it only uses a minimally invasive technique. Each treatment usually takes less than an hour and the recovery time is brief, indicating that the effects are often subtle and less noticeable than the results of more complex surgical procedures.

The main limitations of microdermabrasion include:

  • Temporary results – microdermabrasion only offers a short-term fix to skin problems. Regular sessions may be required to keep your skin in peak condition.
  • Difficulties with deep wrinkles – while it can soften the appearance of fine lines, more intensive treatments like Botox or fillers may be needed to smooth out deep wrinkles.
  • Can inflame acne – it’s best to avoid using microdermabrasion on inflamed acne as it could lead to discomfort and even make the condition worse. It won’t fully remove deep acne scars either. Chemical peels are alternatives to consider when tackling acne scars.
  • Little impact on sagging skin – microdermabrasion won’t tighten loose patches of skin. You might want to research alternative treatments such as platysmaplasty if you’re keen to get rid of saggy skin around your face and neck.

Microdermabrasion results

Positive microdermabrasion results can include firmer and more youthful-looking skin. But how long will the results last, and what side-effects should you be wary of?

How often are microdermabrasion treatments needed?

Microdermabrasion results may only last a few weeks, depending on how quickly your skin cells grow. It’s not a magic wand – you’re likely to need repeat treatments over a period of months to maintain the condition of your skin.

When can you expect to see results?

Your skin should look smoother and cleaner almost immediately after a microdermabrasion treatment. However, the effects build up over time, so it may take a series of regular sessions before the full benefits are seen.

Are there any side-effects?

You’re likely to feel some discomfort after a microdermabrasion treatment, although the side-effects shouldn’t be too painful. For example, you might experience swollen or red skin in the hours that follow a treatment. Your skin may also feel flaky or dry for a few days, while bruising is another short-term side-effect.


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