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Breast lift cost - how much it could be, and finding prices near you

Breast surgery is the most sought-after cosmetic procedure across the globe. And while augmentation is still at the top, breast lifts have become an incredibly popular, close second.

Instead of volume, women are keen to undo the work of gravity, opting for a mastopexy to lift their breasts and give them a firmer look and feel.

So, what’s included in your breast lift costs and how can you find the right price?

Fast facts

  • Best results

    1 procedure

  • Duration of results

    10 to 15 years

  • Back to work

    1 week

  • Full recovery time

    6 weeks

  • Price range

    18,000 SAR to 26,000 SAR

  • Treatment duration

    3 hours

  • Comfort

    General anaesthetic

  • Treatment type


Breast lift cost explained

Cost is a huge factor when deciding whether a breast lift is right for you.

Key facts about breast lift prices:

  • The average cost of breast lift surgery in Saudi Arabia ranges from 18,000 SAR to 26,000 SAR.
  • If you want to add volume alongside a breast lift, you can combine the surgery with a breast augmentation.
  • A joint augmentation and mastopexy usually cost slightly more, with prices between 30,000 SAR and 35,000 SAR.
  • Having multiple procedures at the same time can be a great way to save money, especially if you were already planning on having them shortly after.

What is included in the procedure?

If you’re considering breast lift surgery, remember costs may vary between clinicians. Ask for an estimated quote in advance and find out what is included, so you can feel confident making your decision.

Before the breast lift

In the initial stages of preparing for breast lift surgery, a consultation with your doctor will review your medical history, discuss your expectations and break down the costs involved.

Some clinicians charge a fee for this appointment so check in advance. At this stage, they may request that you schedule a mammogram to check your breast tissue.

During surgery

The cost of breast lift surgery usually depends on the type of technique you have done. The most common types are:

  • Crescent Lift – the least invasive procedure offers a minor lift. It’s often paired with a breast augmentation.
  • Lollipop Lift – this technique doesn’t use implants and is suitable for mild sagging or to reshape breasts where the nipple points downwards.
  • Anchor Lift – the oldest and most invasive technique, used in cases of severe sagging.
  • Benelli Lift – also known as the ‘doughnut’ lift – it improves asymmetry in the nipples and fixes mild sagging.

The incision pattern and technique used is decided collectively between you and your doctor in the initial consultation, based on the amount of lift you require. The more lifting involved, the higher the cost tends to be.

Along with the surgery fees, the overall cost may also include other charges for anaesthesia, facility expenses or the clinician’s time.


Following the surgery, you’ll most likely need to wear a surgical support bra. Your doctor may prescribe some pain medication for the first week of recovery too, that can alleviate any discomfort or tenderness you may be experiencing.

A follow-up mammogram may also be advised to check for any changes in the breast tissue.

Breast lift - how to find prices

When it comes to finding the right price for your breast lift surgery, shop around and compare quotes. The overall price is affected by several factors that you should look out for, such as:

  • Surgeon.
  • Technique.
  • Amount of lift.

Choosing the right surgeon

Surgeons can also impact the cost of the surgery, depending on their qualifications, seniority in the clinic and level of expertise. When deciding on a surgeon, it’s a good idea to check that they have:

  • Board certification.
  • Plenty of experience – with results to back it up.
  • Positive reviews.

Alternatives to breast lift surgery

When it comes to altering your breast size and shape, there are several options available depending on what you want to achieve.

Breast augmentation

A breast augmentation can not only alter the shape of your breast, but also the size. It’s often used in conjunction with a breast lift to increase the cup size after a recent weight loss or after pregnancy.

Want to find out more about breast augmentation surgery? Check out our dedicated medical explainer.


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