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3 doctors representing the treatments the professionals swear by

The treatments the professionals swear by

Written by
Chloe James

If anyone knows cosmetic treatments, it’s the professionals who perform them day in, day out. The doctors, dermatologists, and practitioners tackling our concerns see what works, what doesn’t, and what’s worth our time (and money).

So, who better to recommend your next treatment? We spoke to some of our selfologi doctors to share their personal favourites. From what they get themselves, to the solutions they share with everyone who passes through their clinics, these are their top recommendations. Because if it’s good enough for the professionals, it’s good enough for us.

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HydraFacials and Botox

I recommend the same thing to everyone who comes to the clinic: monthly facials. Maintenance-wise, this should be as much a part of your routine as your hair and nails. I personally love HydraFacials and get a facial once a month to keep my skin healthy.

I’m just as big of an advocate for Botox – especially for male patients. The main area I try to persuade them to tackle is the crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes. I like to inject the lines around the eyes themselves, not the forehead, so it doesn’t affect their expressions too much. Combined with fillers, this is my go-to for keeping the face fresh.

But it’s just as important to treat your skin at home. Figure out your skin type to identify the right products for you – and remember that nothing takes care of your skin like SPF.

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PRP and HydraFacials

Whether a patient is 18 or 80, the one thing I’ll always recommend is PRP. There’s a benefit for everyone, regardless of your age. Injecting your own plasma into the skin, it can rejuvenate the under-eyes, cheeks, or even the entire face. And because it doesn’t go too deep into the skin, you don’t experience the same bruising you normally get with injectables.

The treatment I receive most regularly myself is a HydraFacial. It’s basically a one-hour massage, so it gives you a moment to relax – but, at the same time, it gives skin a good cleanse, and hydrates it at the same time. My complexion really stresses out in the sun, so I find this is the best form of recovery. Think of it as the equivalent of cleaning your car, but for your skin.

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Filler and RF microneedling

For me, filler is the best thing you can do for the face. It’s more than just a treatment – it’s an art, you know? There’s something very satisfying about being presented with the challenge of ‘this needs to be fixed’ and coming back with ‘this is how you do it’.

Radiofrequency microneedling is also really nice. It’s basically just microneedling, but with added heat. Absolutely everyone can benefit from this, I recommend it to all of my patients. It gives such nice results in lifting, stimulating collagen, and treating large pores, acne scars, and stretch marks… Basically, everything.

I’m also really excited about the green laser right now. The idea is that it makes fat cells shrink without causing any damaging itself, helping patients with unwanted extra fat. If this is really true – and it’s effective as they say it is – it’ll be really interesting and useful for slimming areas such as the thighs.

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