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How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes – for good

Written by
Chloë James

If there was an award for ‘most frustrating skin concern’, we’d give it to dark undereye circles. Sometimes, they’re just the temporary consequence of stress or a late night. But in some cases, these blue-ish or purple-ish shadows are caused by a combo of genetics or skin tone – which can make them confusing to treat.

The first step to doing it effectively? Knowing the difference between dark circles and undereye bags. The two can overlap, but undereye bags are caused by swelling. The pinch test can help you tell which one’s which. If you pinch the skin and the darkness goes away, you have undereye bags. If it doesn’t, it’s dark circles – caused by permanent pigment in your skin, or thin skin revealing the blood vessels underneath. Whatever the case, we know exactly how to help.

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Treating dark circles

Let’s start with what you can do at home. Like any kind of pigmentation, brightening products are your best friend for dark circles. Ingredients such as vitamin C and kojic acid can help brighten and even out the area, but just be sure to use a low concentration that won’t aggravate the delicate skin under your eyes. Retinol is also useful. This can stimulate collagen production, which will make the skin less thin and less translucent.

Six treatments for dark circles

If your skincare alone just isn’t cutting it, this is your next stop. The treatments below can make more of a dramatic difference to your dark circles.


If you haven’t heard of PRP, you may know it by its much more exciting nickname: vampire facial. After taking a small amount of your blood, your practitioner extracts the platelet-rich plasma – famous for its regenerative abilities – and reinjects it into problem areas.

When this area is your undereyes, it can create more collagen and thicken the skin. This leaves them looking brighter – just not straightaway. You’ll need to wait around a month to see the full effect. But once you do, you can enjoy it for around a year before you need a top-up.

RF microneedling

Microneedling alone is a powerful solution to dark circles. Combined with radiofrequency, it’s even better. Both work to produce more collagen in your skin – the needles by creating multiple micro-injuries, and the radiofrequency by heating up skin tissue. With more collagen, comes thicker, stronger skin. And with thicker, stronger skin comes brighter undereyes. You should be able to see some positive changes after your first session, but a series of three to four is usually recommended.


If thin skin is the cause of your dark undereyes, filler is the obvious solution. However, undereye filler – also known as tear trough filler – isn’t as straightforward as other areas. Our eyes are extremely delicate, so a lot of practitioners prefer to use a small tube known as a cannula to insert filler rather than injecting it directly. Regardless of how it’s injected, the added volume can instantly brighten up dark circles for up to a year.


We’re constantly in awe of the many uses for laser treatment, so it should come as no surprise that brightening dark circles is one of them. Specifically targeting the darker areas of skin, the laser gently resurfaces the skin to produce more collagen. Each session improves both the tone and texture of the skin, tackling dark circles in the process.

Chemical peels

There’s a chemical peel for every occasion. To treat dark circles, this peel is usually light and mild to not aggravate the skin or eyes. This makes glycolic and AHA peels the go-to, as they don’t penetrate too far into the skin. Instead, they dissolve the top layer to gradually improve hyperpigmentation with every session.


If it’s dramatic or long-lasting results you’re after, you may want to consider blepharoplasty. While you’re under local or general anaesthetic, a surgeon repositions the fat under the eyes to mask dark circles. As it’s more invasive than the other solutions on this list, blepharoplasty does require more downtime – but the silver lining is that the effects are permanent.

Getting rid of dark circles

Dark circles can be frustrating. They’re stubborn, confusing, and can take time before you’re rid of them completely. But with the right treatment – and patience – you can look forward to brighter, more rejuvenated undereyes.

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