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Everyone’s reasons for seeking cosmetic treatments are unique. At selfologi, we know that feeling good means different things to different people.

We want you to feel good – we want you to thrive, to feel emboldened and happy, to realise your full potential. We want you to be confident – and confidence, like people, comes in many shapes and sizes.

We’re here to inform and to educate. We do that by only giving the best, judgement-free advice. So, you have everything you need to discover – and, when you’re ready, book – the right treatment and clinic for you.

By helping you make an educated choice for yourself, we want you to feel confident enough to become a committed member of our community, able to return to us time and time again for advice, proudly recommending us to friends, or sharing our content on your social feeds.

And by having our information verified by doctors, we hold ourselves up to the highest standards of transparency and authority. It’s about education, honesty, and trust.

The cosmetic industry is young and dynamic and changing all the time. We’ve made a promise at selfologi to give you the understanding and knowledge you need, be it about treatments, technologies, clinics, doctors, technicians, or more, so you can make the best possible decision for yourself, to feel good. Whatever that means for you.

Meet the team

Tamer Wali - selfologi founder

Tamer Wali Founder

Having started in aesthetic medicine more than 30 years ago, it’s fair to say Tamer’s part of the fabric now – a pioneer, who helped develop and grow the industry in the region.

No surprise, then, that he’s constantly asked about treatments, from his friends and people he meets from across the region. Questions such as, “Which one is best for me, which clinic and doctor should I choose, how much does it cost?”

And that’s because, for an industry that’s so complex, there’s not a single, comprehensive, trusted source that can answer those questions.

So, with Tamer’s vision, we created one – selfologi.

Rob Pye - selfologi CEO

Rob Pye CEO

What Rob Pye doesn’t know about e-commerce, isn’t worth knowing. The driving force behind beauty giants ghd and Beauty Pie, taking their online spend from inception to multimillion-dollar, global businesses. It’s a skillset that’s proving invaluable at selfologi; Rob’s meticulous knowledge has created something very special that, we’re proud to say, will change the way the aesthetics industry does business forever.

Silvia Ramenzoni - selfologi Partnerships Director

Silvia Ramenzoni Partnerships Director

More than 20 years of delivering results for businesses throughout the EMEA and APAC regions has seen Silvia rewrite the rule book when it comes to steering companies through complex development, fostering partnerships and relationships with key players along the way. Passionate about business growth, digital innovation, and people development, she’s the perfect person to work with the many clinics and doctors in the selfologi family.